Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Max's Paw update.

As I thought, it's more pills for the pup. He wasn't impressed with getting his leg shaved (terribly butch is Max!) and growled at the vet. He was even less impressed with getting his tail glands sorted at the same time, but I can hardly blame him for that! Took him for a nice walk in Plean woods after to make up for it. The car now reeks of wet dog and Stirlingshire mud. As I drove up to Plean Country Park, I found I was drivng up President Kennedy Drive. As a student, my summer job as a postie mean I often delivered mail to Gagarin Way, Lumphinnans. Why did cooncils name streets like that? Our Student Union had a Biko Bar in the 1980's after Steve Biko. Everyone referred to it as the "Boako Bar". Don't politicians realise how silly they sometimes look?

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