Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Feeling grotty.

The trouble with pre-packed sandwiches is that they may contain things you like but which don't like you. Like cucumber. Yesterday's lunch is not just a memory, it is an abiding presence. Even Zantac hasn't shifted my indigestion. So I was up at 6am, walking the dog by 7 and not entirely looking forward to a drive to the Borders later today. On the plus side, I completed the Times 2 crossword and codeword before 8am which is unheard of. Why oh why didn't Leviticus ban us from eating cucumber rather than shellfish and rabbit?


  1. Ah, Dougal, it'd be your prawns that would have done for me!

    Try (a) peppermint oil (b) charcoal tablets...

  2. Actually, I just left it to time the great healer and it passed by the evening.