Monday, 5 May 2008

Parish views.

Well, it's a really sunny day, the sandals are on, the short sleeved shirt out of winter storage and the shades doing what I bought them for, rather than protecting me from snow blindness when driving. Can't be bothered writing any theological reflections and there's a lot of text on my pages. So here's some pikkies.

Both are taken just behind the Rectory where Max the dog and I go walking. In days of yore, the circus parked here and the Rectory garden bordered this. Former Rectors are reported to have complained of not being able to sleep at night for the roaring of the lions and tigers! Didn't Dorothy have a song about that sort of thing in the Wizard of Oz?

And in case anyone wonders how big this parish is, well, I have responsibility for all of California!

This was taken between showers, by the way!

Welcome to my world!

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