Saturday, 10 May 2008

What have the Muslims ever done for us?

Spent Friday evening at the 1st meeting of what will hopefully become the Central Scotland Inter-Faith Council. Interesting enough, as I'd never been in a mosque before. Really, any dialogue will have to over come a heck of a lot of cultural differences. Still, it was good to have such a wide spread of faith groupings there (Muslim, Ba'hai, Quaker, Pisky, CofS).

But my little moment of revelation came looking at a poster listing muslim inventions on the way into the worship area. I never knew that it was a muslim doctor who introduced shampoo to the UK in the 18th century. In Brighton. So they gave us the gift of Head & Shoulders. Blessings upon them!


  1. You might like to catch up with Aman at

    Good stuff. Aman worships with us sometimes!

  2. Thanks 4 that kenny. Will check it out.