Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Gone for a long walk.

On Monday, having collected Muttley from the kennels, we went for a stroll along Falkirk's splendid canals.

This being the Union Canal with the gorse in full bloom.

A view or two from the Falkirk wheel, a marvel of engineering, which can lift a cradle with a full laden boat using the same amount of electricity generated by 8 toasters.

And some interesting modern outdoor sculpture - I think it's a tiger.

A boat on the Forth & Clyde Canal.

One happy hound!

And a pub that does real ale and good, food, always handy when wandering for pleasure!

From the High Station along to the wheel, back along the Forth and Clyde and then back up past the High School to the High Station is about 5 miles and took an hour or two, wandering gently in the evening sunshine. Not a bad way to spend your May holiday, particularly when the town is quiet after the Big in Falkirk pop festival and your usual walk is littered with smashed Buckie bottles which won't be cleaned up by the cooncil, cause the workers are on holiday on the Monday too!

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