Saturday, 31 May 2008

A glorious day.

The weather has been exceptional today. Warm, sunny and really like it was summer. Celebrated the Eucharist for the Visitation (1929 Eastward) in the Lady Chapel and then exercised Max lightly, before Mum came for lunch. Olives, pitta & humus to start, then lovely thick cut french bread and brie with cranberry sauce for mains. A wander round the shops and stop for some coffee. All very slowly, to enjoy the sunshine. The evening was spent at the local RC church, attending their vigil Mass and the dedication of their new parish Hall by Cardinal O' Brien. He was a bit stingy with the lustral water, but then, when I was a curate in Ealing, + Richard Londin used to dispense it by the 1/2 pint when he dedicated things, so I'm used to largesse with that sort of thing.

So now to beddy byes, ready for the morrow.

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