Sunday, 18 May 2008

A good day at the...

Well, I did enjoy this morning. Funny how a sunny Sunday morning, 103 people in Church and a Baptism makes everyone feel good. The baby who was grumbling shooshed when I poured the water on - she evidently enjoys 'splishy splashy time' and thought that God's sacrament was bathtime! Any ideas on 'rubber ducks, the liturgical use of'' anyone? The singing was great - first time in ages we've not made a hash of "Be thou my vision". Even the Sunday School - "Satan's Own Junior Highlanders" -behaved. And it looks like we have a confirmation class later in the year! I like Trinity Sunday suddenly!


  1. This rather reminds me of one of Nicky Gumble's (PBUH) quotes in the Alpha Course videoes, Dougal. It was about a famous man, whose name escapes me, writing in his diary "Went to church today, for once wasn't depressed by it!"

  2. I think it's part of the clerical experience myself.