Sunday, 25 May 2008

That would be an ecumenical matter.

It was the monthly joint evening service tonight. Dougal on the rota to lead. It's Mary's month of May, so a wee meditation on the BVM for the hordes of ecumenical faithful - all 16 of them. It's not exactly Spiky Mike's: an icon, "Tell out my soul", "As the deer pants", "Jesus remember me", 3 readings with meditations, an Orthodox anthem to the Theokotos said antiphonally and "Mary, blessed teenage mother". The remarkable thing is that it's so unremarkable now. No horror from the Kirk, but a recogniton that it's part of our tradition, so it's something we can share in. No sense of Anglican embarassment and "let's keep this hidden lest we scare the CofS off"; just a natural offering of something we value. This would have been radical 30 years ago, now it's not. Thanks be to God.

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